Before taking advice from an asset manager, you always need to know what values the asset manager believes in. Do you want a clear idea of their reputation and background, and how they’ll work with you?
That’s exactly what we are offering you: the best picture of who we are and how we operate.
Because after all, credentials count!


Morys Cavadini: Chairman
Domenico Pintus: Member and director, qualified financial fiduciary


Domenico Pintus: Administrative director – Head of Private Banking,
qualified financial fiduciary

Erico Grassi: Director – Head of Alternative Investments,
qualified financial fiduciary

Andrea Bertoglio: Director – financial consultant

Marco Mombelli: Director – financial consultant

Laura Aggio-Bricalli: Private Banking (authorized signatory)

Serena Cattaneo-Butti: Executive assistant (authorized signatory)

Anna Cesco: Assistant – Private Banking

Umbro Barbarossa: Assistant and Marketing (authorized signatory)

Fernando Molteni: Assistant – Private Banking